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The Museum now has a website for mobile phones and tablets

In order to further adapt the Museum to new forms of communication, a new website has just been launched for smartphones and tablets. This application aims to provide access to its key data, making it accessible from the means of communication most commonly used today.

The use of mobile phones and tablets to connect to the Internet is an unstoppable phenomenon. Almost two thirds of Internet users connect via mobile phones. Access is becoming more common, so that those who connect by mobile phones to the Internet gain access several times a day through these devices. Tablet type computers are also increasingly used as devices to connect to the Internet.

With this adapted version of the Madrid Railway Museum website, you can have access to general Museum information on your mobile phone, such as is its location, hours and prices. You can also access a summary of its main activities and the Permanent Exhibition. And finally, a section has been introduced that gathers together information on the most important electric locomotives in its collection, which will be expanded in the future with other collections.

This site has been developed in Spanish and English in order to also provide all the information outlined to interested people and railway enthusiasts from other countries.

To download the information on your mobile phone, you must use the browser on the same device to access the following address

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