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The Madrid Railway Museum arranges activities throughout the year and participates in others which it organises in conjunction with various institutions (mainly public entities, other museums and various companies). Although these activities are of general interest to all, they are particularly aimed at children, families and railway enthusiasts. Some of them, especially those of an institutional nature, take place once a year, while others are monthly or seasonal.

Among the most railway-oriented activities are those organised by the Museum itself: Train Day (Día del Tren), an annual open day commemorating the inauguration of the first railway line in peninsular Spain; the management of historic trains, such as the Strawberry Train (Tren de la Fresa) and the Christmas Train (Tren de Navidad), as well as other special trains; the organisation of railway history and transport history conferences; free public access to the documentary and technological resources of the Railway Library and the Railway History Archive on “Archive and Library Wednesdays” (Los Miércoles del Archivo y la Biblioteca); the [TsT] (journal published by the museum’s Historical Research Department) debates, which bring together specialists in the fields of transport and services; educational workshops and tours for schoolchildren of different ages, also related to the world of the railway; and the model railway flea market.

The Museum offers other cultural and leisure activities, such as concerts and recitals, as well as theatre performances. In collaboration with other institutions, it participates in cultural and museum-related events such as White Night (Noche en Blanco), International Museum Day, Book Day (Día del Libro), Theatre Night (Noche de los Teatros) or Science Week (Semana de la Ciencia) offering its visitors special days. And in collaboration with other museums –science and technology or transport museums in particular– it carries out joint activities to publicize the collections and projects of all the participants involved.

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